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– What is HOT&GO
HOT&GO cups are dehydrated meals packed with premium ingredients. Created in Czech Větřkovice, they feature authentic Italian rice, pasta, real vegetables or fruit, meat, spices, and more. Plus, they're available in a gluten-free version!


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How is HOT&GO made?

Since 1996, at our family-owned factory J.K.FOOD s.r.o. in Větřkovice,
near Opava, we've been dedicated to producing dehydrated foods.
Quality and taste are at the core of what we do.

We start by pouring the main ingredient into the cups – whether it's pasta, instant rice, or mashed potatoes. Our pasta is homemade for that extra touch of quality.

We enhance our dishes with spices, real pieces of vegetables or fruit, dried meat, and other ingredients to deliver authentic flavor.

We seal the lid onto the cup, ensuring freshness, and send it out into the world.

We can also make
them gluten-free.
Unique in their kind!

We've created our own instant pasta so that HOT&GO can be enjoyed by people with gluten intolerance or those who simply prefer to avoid gluten.
It's the market's first instant gluten-free pasta made from corn and rice flour and water. They taste fantastic, and you can't tell the difference from classic ones when you take a bite.

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